Msc. In Geospatial Information Systems/Geomatics

Masters in Geospatial & Mapping Sciences focuses on understanding the theory and practice of geospatial data collection, land and hydrographic surveying, data and information quality, applications of survey information, and research and development in the field of geomatics. Geographical information systems, or GIS, focuses on improving existing technologies as well as developing new ones in order to collect, analyze, distribute, interpret, transform and visualize data about the surface of the earth and its geography. A good knowledge of informatics is required in order to succeed in programmes in geographical information systems. Specialized computer software is used to display detailed data about the earth's surface. Geographical information systems degrees gather elements from other disciplines like geography, computer sciences, earth sciences, physics and sustainable development.

Geographical information systems programmes offer knowledge on spatial analysis of geographical information systems, advanced Python scripting, cartographic design and visualization, web mapping, space imagery and processing.

Career opportunities include

  • land surveyor,
  • engineering surveyor,
  • Hydrographic surveyor,
  • GIS specialist,
  • Environmental


A holder of at least a second-Class Honors (upper division), Bachelor Degree from DeKUT in spatial information based or related specialization or from any other institution recognized by the university senate as being of equivalent academic status.


A holder of a second class honors (lower division) ,Bachelor of Science Degree from DeKUT in a spatial information based or related specialization or of any other institution which is recognized by the university senate as being of equivalent academic status and who in addition has had either two years relevant experience and professional development or academic advancement through research and publication since graduation with Bachelor Degree or a postgraduate Diploma in the relevant fields as recognized by the university Senate

Key Contact

Name: Prof. Charles Ndegwa Mundia

Area of Study:

PhD Geoinformatics; Masters in GIS & Remote Sensing - University of Tsukuba, Japan; Bsc (Land Surveying) University of Nairobi


  • Geospatial / Geomatic Engineering.


  • Mobile: +254710127516
  • Email :
  • Admissions office: 0705688135
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