Fingerprint and Forensic Photography Training

Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) in collaboration with Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) Nairobi Campus conducted a two weeks fingerprint and forensic photography training from 21st   October to 1st   November 2019. The facilitators who conducted the training were Kim Dae – Joong and Oh Jong – Seong from the Korean National Police  Agency  (KNPA).  The training involved participants from the  Institute of Criminology, Forensics and Security Studies (ICFoSS) and also from St Paul’s University.

Fingerprint and Forensic Photography Training 1

Fingerprint and Forensic Photography students engaging in a practical session at DeKUT Nairobi Campus 13th floor.

Fingerprint and forensic photography are important skills in crime scene investigation. The students  were trained on;

  1. Photography in the crime scene area
  2. Lifting fingerprints from objects used
  3. Lifting footprints
  4. Lifting DNA samples
  5. Labelling and recording of evidence
  6. Proper storing of evidence

Different skills acquired were demonstrated on 1st November to the different stakeholders including members from National Police  Service,  Director of Criminal Investigation, Kenya Defence Forces, Nairobi City Council, HTCC and KAA. The Chief Guest of Honor was Madam Ann Mwenda- Nairobi County. The participants who successfully undertook the course were awarded certificates.

Fingerprint and Forensic Photography Training 2

Fingerprint and forensic photography students conducting investigations on crime scene area

Left: Taking Photos and collecting DNA samples in the parameter of a crime scene area.

Right: Labelling and Lifting footprints in crime scene parameters.

 Fingerprint and Forensic Photography Training 3

Awarding of certificates to the students from both Dedan Kimathi University Nairobi Campus and St Paul’s University.

The institute was applauded by various speakers for such a platform and providing the chance to others to come and learn and have the skills which are very much needed in the market. The student leader, Grace from St Paul’s University, spoke on behalf of the students, she appreciated the Korean team and expressed her satisfaction on the skills imparted on the students that participated.


After the successful training course, the participants arranged for a thanksgiving session to appreciate the trainers for devoting themselves during the two weeks of training.

Fingerprint and Forensic Photography Training 4

Presenting Gifts to KNPA trainers, Kim D

DeKUT Nairobi Campus ICFoSS Staff Repres

ae – Joong and Oh Jong – Seong. From Left: DeKUT Nairobi campus Students, Middle:

entative, Deputy Director Dennis Miano, and Right: St Paul’s University Students




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